Most popular and demanding programming languages in United States ?

Analyzing data using Stackoverflow’s 2017 and 2018 Annual Developer Survey.


Recently , one of the most demanding carer in the the globe is the role of a data scientist . And python programming is one of the most preferable language for data scientist. As you may heard somewhere that “Python is the programming language of the moment” or “Functional Paradigm is much better than Object Oriented”.

In this article, we are going to survey the real data from stackoverflow to verify that in which country there are the highest number of users in programming solution god a.k.a StackOverflow. And also analyse which is the most used and demanding programming language in US.

For this, we are going to use dataset from Stackoverflow’s 2017 and 2018 Annual Developer Survey.

Each year, Stack Overflow conduct a huge survey among its users and ask them several questions in terms of topic like programming languages, jobs, salary, Satisfaction and so on.

Now , lets begin our topic of interest .

Question 1 : Which Country has the highest number of users in Stackoverflow ?

From the outcome and plot underneath , clearly UNITED STATES has the most noteworthy number of clients in StackOverflow in the year 2018 which is soar in comparasion to different nations while India is in the second spot pursuing the United States.

Question 2: Which Programming Language are most used in United States ?

We can see that exemplary dialects like: Java Script SQL,are still in the top positions. Stack Overflow 2017 review information and Stack Overflow 2018 study information We can see that in 2018 two programming dialects ​​have risen, for example, HTML and CSS, however these programming dialects ​​are old and ordinarily utilized, this most likely happened in light of the fact that in the StackOverflow Survey of 2017 it was presumably unrealistic to choose these two dialects as choice

These information have presented to us an exceptionally legitimate data, yet it could be all the more fascinating to realize what are the most needed programming dialects.

Question 3: Which Programming Language are in highly demand in United States ?

We can see that javScript is most demanding programming language but Python have grown tremendously close to other languages. This is likely happening since its a programming language that is flexible and has been utilized broadly in information related territories. The greater part of the programming dialects ​​that have showed up as programming dialects ​​most utilized grinding away, additionally showed up in the positioning of most needed programming dialects, this give us that are numerous individuals needing to get familiar with these dialects.


Right now, investigated what were the most famous and most one-sided programming dialects in United States, as indicated by Stackoverflow’s 2017 and 2018 Annual Developer Survey information.

-We have seen that some more established programming dialects, for example, JavaScript, SQL, Java despite everything rules.

-More youthful programming dialects ​​like Python have been merited to be scholarly, yet the most seasoned ones despite everything have their worth and are in effect much requested.

-Individuals who as of now work with a specific programming language tend to discover that language or related dialects inside associated zones to improve their own ability.

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